About this blog

piggy-backOne of the most important things we can do in life is to keep moving. Amen? Our bodies were not created to be sedentary. But there is a lot of research, information, and mis-information that can make it all seem waaaaay too confusing. So after years of whittling all of this down to manageable pieces for the corporate world, I am now sharing it with you. I don’t enjoy or trust legalistic thinking, so will always examine as many sides of a topic as possible and then present it to you. Yep, I’ll do the heavy lifting.

Before having children I was in pharmaceutical sales, which gave me the opportunity to learn what valid medical research really is. It also whet my appetite for digging for the truth in the midst of much jargon and marketing. I have gone through my own journey with food sensitivities (starting with pregnancy #2), which sent me on an (undesired) need to learn about additives, chemicals, and zealots on all sides. I am not the latter, and like to think that I have found a healthy balance between health and living a full and enjoyable life, avoiding extremism. I also dislike cooking, but do so most every night so that my family will not starve.

I am a practical girl. Much like my Gramma Handy. I hear her voice in my head so often. “Why go out to eat when we have perfectly good food at home?”; “What is there possibly good on TV?”; “Go outside and get some fresh air”; “More dessert?”.

I would love to know what interests you, so please share!