How to Overcome “Diet Rebellion”

Do you ever think to yourself, “I’m sick of people telling me what I
should and shouldn’t eat! I am going to eat whatever I want.”? Then
you might have some rebel tendencies. And I have an idea for you.
Here is your plan for overcoming “diet rebellion.”

Instead of feeling rebellious about being controlled by what experts say you should or shouldn’t be eating, be rebellious about the food that is controlling you.
Instead of: “I am not a slave to what that article says I should eat.”
Think: “I am not a slave to those French Fries.”

Instead of: “I can choose to eat whatever I like.”
Think: “I like apples.”

Instead of: “I will not be drawn in by the health-nuts.”
Think: “I will not be fooled and controlled by junk food or fast food.”

Re-framing is such a powerful tool. I learned this from a Gretchen Rubin podcast, and am sharing a link below to one of her website articles. I challenge you to go to this link and discover if you use any of these “loopholes” as excuses.

You can thank me later.

Happiness Project: which-of-these-10-categories-of-loopholes-do-you-invoke


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