Junk and Processed Food Damages Blood Cells

This is so embarrassing. When I read this study I was eating chocolate pie. Seriously.

But it was not “processed” technically, because it was homemade. It came from real butter, sugar, cocoa, and eggs. But yeah, no antioxidants or other redeeming value.

A cancer researcher at Swansea University stumbled upon the fact that the more processed foods we eat, the less whole and nutrient-rich foods we eat,  therefore the more “faulty” red blood cells we have. Sadly, those bad blood cells, which are associated with cancer, then mutate to create more bad cells. To translate: JUNK FOOD= CANCER.

Of course there are many, many contributors to cancer, and researchers continue to discover them. Age alone is a risk factor. (1) But knowing what to limit in our daily lives can help us make wise choices.

“People who consumed low levels of fruit and vegetables and, to a lesser extent, fish had more than double the mutation rate.” 

Swansea University researchers

Even those who “appear” healthy but have a diet high in processed food and low in antioxidants, have a high level of those faulty red blood cells. And those with the best dietary quality had the lowest rate of those potentially cancerous cells. Well that is pretty clear to me.

My best advice? Eat more fruits and vegetables. Focusing on adding foods rather than omitting them can seem less daunting. And when we fill up on all of those healthy foods, we do not have as much appetite for the chocolate pie. Well, theoretically.

See study here

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